If right fred

22 Dec

Sell more Euro 

Till tide!

Only way forward is way up!

22 Dec

Expecting rising rates


Buy the $

Which means?

Sell euro

Hard right 

2 Dec

Just announced, visit from Philippines!

Good for them!

1 Dec

Fred new they’d be out front.

Rainbow flags line VPs nw DC neighborhood

Butler, Keith

22 Nov

DC  pgh Steelers

Oc  Hailey

Nice combo, considering their minority (must be the stubs, oh no ! Fred says “it’s the frenchy chin, oh no,


18 Nov

These Trump times are nauseous to experience.

Grateful for being low level

Experiencing grandchildren trumps Trump


11 Nov

If Warren was VP candidate?

Not Kaine, who did carry VA

Would things be different?