Garage ping😀

24 Jun

Turned the app on in the garage

Had a ride to the airport 😀

Then for ride#700, a ride from the airport to fox chapel . Shortly after a ride to Robinson, then an ex Passion football player, who was starting running back😎

Such a nice day, but rained hard due to storm Cindy 🤗

Late start

22 Jun

Went for boost

Worked out perfectly

Rides came quickly

Ended at the airport then the city

No complaints from Fred 😔

First day back

20 Jun

Long rewarding shift

A hometown sports fan off to KC

A expecting woman off to McGee

A recovering stroke victim to see a friend in need

And best of all after an airport ride

Getting to pickup my granddaughter 😀

Went Straight to the airport

16 Jun

Drive and wait 2 hours

First ride is to Dick’s sporting goods headquarters

$6 fare 😒

Things did improve​ after, had  Denver med pot dispensary owners​ for a discussion about their cash problems ☺️

Nice mellow couple 🤗

Escape too the River

15 Jun

So cool down here on the river bank

Traffic above is standstill

Down here it’s wet and calm

Raindrops on the Allegheny

  • Fred loves Life 🤗

Before the victory parade 🗣️

14 Jun

Casting a shadow or a shining light🤔

The whitess of sports

In a blue city

Surrounded by redneck fans with $$$$$

Freds with the Warriors

No normalization of him the

Popular vote loser who deserve nothing less than scorn😒

Better rides today😚

14 Jun

Everyday starts different

Today was a ping from the get go

The ride was to the north

Long way too and from but rewarding in compensation both monetarily and physically so as too enable

Fred too have breakfast at home with sweetie ☺️ due to the way back lead past his home

Another notable ride share was a parolee mixed up with rules and work, still the same , a sweet person

Fred finds such events very endearing to his heart 😎

Makes for happy memories 🤗