Archive | June, 2017

All Point Park University

29 Jun

Three shared stories

One in the air

One aspiring

One on crutches



A day with haze

29 Jun




27 Jun

Slide to where 😎

Garage ping😀

24 Jun

Turned the app on in the garage

Had a ride to the airport 😀

Then for ride#700, a ride from the airport to fox chapel . Shortly after a ride to Robinson, then an ex Passion football player, who was starting running back😎

Such a nice day, but rained hard due to storm Cindy 🤗

Late start

22 Jun

Went for boost

Worked out perfectly

Rides came quickly

Ended at the airport then the city

No complaints from Fred 😔

First day back

20 Jun

Long rewarding shift

A hometown sports fan off to KC

A expecting woman off to McGee

A recovering stroke victim to see a friend in need

And best of all after an airport ride

Getting to pickup my granddaughter 😀

Went Straight to the airport

16 Jun

Drive and wait 2 hours

First ride is to Dick’s sporting goods headquarters

$6 fare 😒

Things did improve​ after, had  Denver med pot dispensary owners​ for a discussion about their cash problems ☺️

Nice mellow couple 🤗