12 Jun


Two times Pens championship last night
Nice down time

11 Jun

Today was a day of first

First acknowledged pride

First 400 lb  man beast

First whatever is carrying groceries up bad steps living by boy scout code😎

Ride share with Fred

11 Jun

 Saturday morning, starting late. Ride early on, long way off pickup for a short fare. So what, everything is tracked 😀

Lots of good trips, best probably the guy picking up last night’s left at parking lot car due to much fun🤗 

If right fred

22 Dec

Sell more Euro 

Till tide!

Only way forward is way up!

22 Dec

Expecting rising rates


Buy the $

Which means?

Sell euro

Hard right 

2 Dec

Just announced, visit from Philippines!

Good for them!

1 Dec

Fred new they’d be out front.

Rainbow flags line VPs nw DC neighborhood